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Who we are

CareZone is a little, well-funded software shop that weaves together empathy and technology to solve very human problems. CareZone apps for smartphones, tablets, and the web help people organize health information for themselves and their families—and privately share and coordinate with spouses, siblings, and caregivers.

Based primarily out of the Mission in San Francisco & Capitol Hill in Seattle, our team has been part of some pretty exciting technological innovations—and we’re looking to bring that experience and inspiration to our users. We love well-crafted code, thoughtful words, dogs, coffee, and, most of all, people.

If something is outside our area of expertise, we dive in anyway and learn as much as we can. Our developers sometimes write copy, our marketers sometimes design, our community manager sometimes illustrates. Of course, we know when to let go of the reins when a task is beyond our capacity.

We’re relentless. If we take on tasks, we see them through with an almost compulsive sense of responsibility. And while we pay a good deal of attention to detail, we know it’s okay if some things aren’t perfect. We also know that some things need to be.

Location: San Francisco, CA
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